For the people, by the people we the people, is why we exists.

Disease Often Progresses Unseen

Though the first visible sign of disease can be a heart attack or stroke, invisible changes occur within your body long before these deadly, debilitating events.

Making the Invisible Visible

HealMet One, our one-of-a-kind home health assessment center, provides you access to this data so you can reverse these malignant trends before they become life-threatening.

Easy to Use

The inner workings of the device are complex but operation is as easy as grasping a basketball. Just place your hands on HealMet One and clinically relevant health data is reported in a matter of seconds.

Keeping You Informed

Health summaries are reported in a language anyone can understand. Users can also access more detailed results, or share them with family and clinicians.

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Mark Baker, PhD MS

CTO, Founder

Gary Binyamin, PhD

Chief Regulatory Officer

Usha Periyanayagam, MD MPH MS.

Chief Medical Officer

Miguel Gallegos

Web Developer

Ro Jie Li

Bioengineer, Developer

Chao-yu Lee

Bioengineer, Developer

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